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Dalian UMD Technology Co., Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer and seller of leading network video surveillance system software and hardware. Our company has security monitoring equipment brandUMD series. For the individual needs of the user, the research team of our company will assign to the professional manufacturer cooperated with us to producing the modules according to the using characteristics of each area products. Finally, our company does the assembly and test. This can ensure the flexibility, high efficiency and low cost of the production. The quality control of our products is in accordance with the CE standard, and each product has reached the international standard.

Our company also has the core technology of infrared thermal imager. The infrared products developed by our company aggregate the essence of the technology from Europe, North America and China. The UMD IR series have the worlds leading technical indicators and performance, are the top infrared thermal imaging monitoring products.

Dalian UMD Technology Co., Ltd. is the first service provider in China which integrates the traditional infrared thermal imaging technology and the traditional large-scale security and develops the security integrated management platform software. It can provide comprehensive systematic solutions for different individual needs.

Our company has developed a Network Video Surveillance Platform Software, applicable to all industries. The system infrastructure of this professional security software is based on large, distributed, multi-control center system, with equipment and software services backup mechanism. Such system infrastructure can ensure the reliability, maneuverability and stability of our system. It can be widely used in urban defense, public security, justice, telecommunications, banks, electricity, railways, military, transportation, schools, commercial, water conservancy, mine, oilfield and other monitoring system.